Born to write? I think not!

July 6, 2012

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I firmly believe that good legal writing is a learnable skill, accessible to any lawyer who cares enough to learn. In fact, it drives me bonkers when I hear people perpetuating the myth of “either you have it or you don’t” when it comes to writing well. Hogwash!

When that idea is touted by one who considers himself in the “you don’t have it” camp, it’s an excuse for not trying harder.  When it’s touted by one who considers himself in the “you have it” camp, it’s just pompous and elitist.

Well lucky for me, Bryan Garner is on my side of this debate. Check out this nice little overview of nature vs. nurture, legal writing edition, courtesy of the Lawyerist, Don’t miss the strange bedfellows juxtaposition of Garner’s view (nurture) with Stephen King’s (nature).  Of course, the comparison isn’t quite apples to apples — writing the next Carrie or Christine doesn’t require quite the same skill set as writing a clear legal memo. Right?


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