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Taking instructions way too literally

Taking instructions way too literallyAugust 3, 2012 Just funny

We’ve had some fun with cake wrecks before, and it looks like it’s that time again. My son Levi’s 6th birthday is this weekend, so I couldn’t resist sharing this gem, via www.dailywritingtips.com. I am all in favor of following instructions, but really? Sheri with an eye?! The glass-is-half-full me finds it touching that the cake decorator [...]

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We don’t need no education!

We don't need no education!July 9, 2012 Just funny

Oh my. I knew that schools no longer teach grammar and diagramming the way they did back in the day. Now I’m thinking that’s for the best. Better to let kids pick it up on the streets than have them learn from the educators responsible for these doozies, as reported by Daily Writing Tips.

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This is kinda sad

This is kinda sadJuly 1, 2012 Just wrong

I can see ladies’, or even lady’s. But ladie’s? Total miss.

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A writing Rorschach test: where do you come out?

A writing Rorschach test: where do you come out?June 17, 2011 Just wrong

Earlier this week, when the Weiner-fest was still in its final death spiral, I came across this sentence in AM New York (one of those mini-papers that people hand out in the city): As high-profile Democrats called for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign with the release of even more scandalous photos Sunday, one top pol is [...]

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Do you buy things in your inbox? Neither do I.

Do you buy things in your inbox?  Neither do I.May 27, 2011 Grammar

This headline from Mashable threw me: Slice Creates a Home For Everything You Buy In Your Inbox   I was all, “Huh? What do I buy in my inbox? Am I missing a shopping opportunity?” Yet another misplaced modifier creating confusion in its wake. To avoid this unfortunate misunderstanding, reunite this wandering modifier (in your [...]

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HarshMay 27, 2011 Just wrong

      reblogged from myfriendgregsdepressingfacebook: Greg will sterilise you if you misuse an apostrophe. However, he can use a semicolon any way he wants.

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Life Go’s On?

Life Go's On?May 19, 2011 Just wrong

The ultimate unnecessary apostrophe. Reblogged from camasaurus.

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Did you mean Osama or Obama?

Did you mean Osama or Obama?May 6, 2011 Just wrong

Now that’s a typo. Columbia Journalism Review has a great summary and explanation of the Obama-Osama tongue slips and flips that are plaguing the airways (and even newspapers!). Here’s the headline: “Obama Osama bin Laden Is Dead” The Osama/Obama error is an international phenomenon Check it out to see some pretty cringe-worthy examples.

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Hacker alert: even worse grammar.

Hacker alert: even worse grammar.May 5, 2011 Just funny

So, right after dodging a bullet by not clicking on the free-movie-ticket spam email, I got suckered. This little beauty is what did it: Sure, I’d like to know who is checking out my profile. Better than googling yourself, and almost as good as attending your own funeral, right? My narcissism and procrastination kicked in. Reader, I [...]

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I thought this was an Onion headline when I first read it.

I thought this was an Onion headline when I first read it.March 20, 2011 Just funny

(from theyuniversity via econblues2011)

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