Come “Bridge the Gap” with me

Come "Bridge the Gap" with meSeptember 28, 2012 Legal writing

  You may have heard some of the recent hubbub about law school graduates’ lack of preparation for the real world of law practice. Well, just in time for new associates to get the training they need to hit the ground running, PLI is offering a “Bridge the Gap” training program this coming Monday. (I know [...]

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My PALS summer writing program is coming right up

My PALS summer writing program is coming right up May 31, 2012 News

It’s that time again. My annual writing program for PALS (Practicing Attorneys for Law Students, a minority mentoring organization) is next Wednesday night at Sullivan & Cromwell (NYC). Come for the food, come for the fun, come for the free writing tips.  Sign up on PALS site. Here’s the description: PALS is pleased to once again [...]

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Legal writing workshop for my pals at PALS

Legal writing workshop for my pals at PALSMay 10, 2011 Legalese

If you don’t know PALS, you should. It’s short for Practicing Attorneys for Law Students, a mentoring organization for minority law students in the NY area. I lurv PALS for many reasons, not least because the very first writing workshop I ever did was for PALS. In 2004, when I was just launching my business, PALS [...]

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How do you spell Libyan dictator?

How do you spell Libyan dictator?March 23, 2011 Just funny

Apparently there are no wrong answers. This image from Wikipedia illustrates the many ways his name can be spelled in transliteration.   I love that the only thing everyone agrees on is that his first name starts with M and ends with r. (from Wikipedia via ilovecharts)

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Why "blog"? No, those aren’t the dreaded gratuitous quotation marks.

Why "blog"? No, those aren't the dreaded gratuitous quotation marks.March 18, 2011 News

And no, I don’t mean what can blogging do for you, emotionally, financially, existentially or otherwise. What I mean is: where does the word blog come from? As promised in yesterday’s Blog you and your momma, too post, here’s the etymology, according to the late, great William Safire: Blog is a shortening of Web log. [...]

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Marketing: a cautionary tale. 

Marketing: a cautionary tale. March 16, 2011 News


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I’m a non-sequitur, according to Above the Law

I'm a non-sequitur, according to Above the LawMarch 15, 2011 News

Many of you have long suspected it, and now it’s official: I am a non-sequitur. Yesterday’s pls clarify Blawg Review was included in Above the Law’s Non-sequiturs feature, which lists various blawg posts of interest. (Non-lawyers, ATL, as it’s known in the biz, is a wildly popular and irreverent law blog.) Here it is (second from end): I’m [...]

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Blawg Review #302

Blawg Review #302March 14, 2011 Legalese

Blawg Review is a weekly roundup of juicy posts from around the law blogosphere. It is hosted on a rotating weekly basis by various law blogs from around the world. This week’s Blawg Review is happening right here at pls clarify, so naturally we’ll focus on law and language. (Let’s start with the title, which will [...]

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Huck cleans up his language

Huck cleans up his languageJanuary 11, 2011 News

Thoughts on the Huck Finn controversy? I can’t decide where I stand. But I can’t get too incensed about this instance of censorship.

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Merriam-Webster’s most-searched words of the year

Merriam-Webster's most-searched words of the yearDecember 21, 2010 News

Today, M-W released its list of the 10 words users looked up most often in 2010: austerity pragmatic moratorium socialism bigot doppelganger shellacking ebullient dissident furtive The words offer a sketch of the year’s mood and interests — at both ends of the emotional spectrum: Although a number of words on this year’s list reflect a [...]

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