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Born to write? I think not!

Born to write?  I think not!July 6, 2012 Pop culture

I firmly believe that good legal writing is a learnable skill, accessible to any lawyer who cares enough to learn. In fact, it drives me bonkers when I hear people perpetuating the myth of “either you have it or you don’t” when it comes to writing well. Hogwash! When that idea is touted by one who [...]

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Snoopy’s Guide to the Writing Life

Snoopy's Guide to the Writing LifeMay 28, 2012 Pop culture

Who better than Snoopy to provide sage advice on writing and life?  I admit, I may be biased — he was my favorite guy on the Peanuts sheets I slept on for most of my childhood. Apparently, I was in very good company with other word-loving Snoopy fans. In Snoopy’s Guide to the Writing Life, 30 [...]

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What do quarterback Tim Tebow and federal judge Robert Bork have in common?

What do quarterback Tim Tebow and federal judge Robert Bork have in common?January 19, 2012 Pop culture

Tebow Tebowing (image from www.andpop.com) It’s been a while, but pls clarify is now officially back in action, and residing at the new and improved website for Rosky Legal Education. I’ve posted before on the verbification of nouns, especially techie nouns like blog. Imagine my surprise when I opened the NY Times this weekend and [...]

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Obama joins the Weiner roast

Obama joins the Weiner roastJune 15, 2011 Pop culture

You probably heard that President Obama has gone on record suggesting that Anthony Weiner should resign. But you may not realize that in doing so, Obama inadvertently raised the possibility that it was Obama himself, not Weiner, who had tweeted inappropriate pictures of himself. Whaaaaat? Let me explain. As the Wall Street Journal reports, here’s [...]

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30 Rock rocks

30 Rock rocksMay 19, 2011 Grammar

I love the reference to Superman — nice way to express the difference.

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TMIMay 6, 2011 Pop culture

The royal couple as you’ve never seen them. Oh, the mischief a missing comma can cause.

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A Tribute to Sidney Lumet, in Peeps

A Tribute to Sidney Lumet, in PeepsApril 13, 2011 Pop culture

Sidney Lumet died this week after a long career as a director of intense movies like Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon. He’s most famous for 12 Angry Men — a masterpiece that’s near the top of any list of classic legal films. I always recommend the movie to law students, especially international types who aren’t [...]

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OMG, OED. LOL.March 28, 2011 Pop culture

Link: OMG, OED. LOL. OMG, I <3 the OED. ‘OMG’, ‘FYI’ and ‘LOL’ have entered the Oxford English Dictionary as a result of popular web and text usage. For those who think these acronyms are strictly 21st century, think again: However, those at the Oxford English Dictionary claim a personal letter from 1917 could be the [...]

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The "fashion singular": waiting for the other shoe.

The "fashion singular": waiting for the other shoe.February 19, 2011 Just funny

A reader (ok, my mom) sent me this special offer from Naturalizer shoes:  “Lucky Day” coupon. Enter at checkout for 10%, 15% or 20% off one shoe or handbag. Avl Feb 17 – 21st. As my mother asked, what about the other shoe?  Naturalizer is just trying to hang with the cool girls: fashionistas are [...]

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Comma...leonFebruary 13, 2011 Just funny

  Smile if you are old enough to remember Boy George and the Culture Club.

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