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The audacity of punctuation: Word nerds stopped by Obama slogan, ‘Forward.’

The audacity of punctuation: Word nerds stopped by Obama slogan, 'Forward.'August 2, 2012 Grammar

Forget the audacity of hope — Obama’s real audacity is grammatical. Obama has ruffled some feathers recently, but not exactly the same feathers he regularly ruffles. This time it’s the word nerds, and even more specifically, the punctuation nerds, who are displeased with the President. The source of their displeasure? A period. That’s right, a [...]

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We don’t need no education!

We don't need no education!July 9, 2012 Just funny

Oh my. I knew that schools no longer teach grammar and diagramming the way they did back in the day. Now I’m thinking that’s for the best. Better to let kids pick it up on the streets than have them learn from the educators responsible for these doozies, as reported by Daily Writing Tips.

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This is kinda sad

This is kinda sadJuly 1, 2012 Just wrong

I can see ladies’, or even lady’s. But ladie’s? Total miss.

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The mother of all fireworks shows

The mother of all fireworks showsJuly 4, 2011 Punctuation

I spent the weekend in Margate. (For those unfamiliar, we’re talkin’ Jersey Shore, and also the home of my girlhood days.) This poster for Fourth of July fireworks was plastered all over town: I’m confused. Who are these Margate Mothers, and do they own the fireworks? Are they omnipotent and omniscient, as I have always suspected? [...]

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Jersey girls don’t pump gas but they sure can hyphenate.

Jersey girls don't pump gas but they sure can hyphenate.June 23, 2011 Punctuation

On my way to the beach today, I stopped at the rest stop for a healthy treat Doritos for the kids. Imagine my delight upon seeing this perfectly punctuated t-shirt for sale: They even got the tricky totally cool right — no hyphen after words ending in -ly.  I didn’t buy it. But there’s always the ride [...]

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Happy Father’s Day. Watch out for swinging fish.

Happy Father's Day. Watch out for swinging fish.June 18, 2011 Just funny

Thanks to the Cliffster for sharing this gem.

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A writing Rorschach test: where do you come out?

A writing Rorschach test: where do you come out?June 17, 2011 Just wrong

Earlier this week, when the Weiner-fest was still in its final death spiral, I came across this sentence in AM New York (one of those mini-papers that people hand out in the city): As high-profile Democrats called for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign with the release of even more scandalous photos Sunday, one top pol is [...]

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From the “only in DC” files.

From the "only in DC" files.June 6, 2011 Only in...

I’m in DC for a nano-second to give a summer associate workshop. Walking down E street after my workshop ended, I saw a woman panhandling. The sign around her neck read: Please help. Unemployed whistleblower. All I can say is, only in DC. (I didn’t have the heart to ask her if I could take [...]

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Mischievous modifier makes Lance Armstrong a victim.

Mischievous modifier makes Lance Armstrong a victim.May 21, 2011 Grammar

I’ve never been a big Lance Armstrong fan, but I don’t think he can be blamed for his former teammates’ misconduct. This NY Times headline gives the impression that Lance is a to blame for all the ills of competitive biking —  even his ex-teammate’s use of drugs: Armstrong Accused of Drug Use by Ex-Teammate [...]

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Only on Wall Street

Only on Wall StreetMay 11, 2011 Only in...

Things adults should not, but apparently do, need to be told. In Wall St. cafes, anyway.

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