Women on the Move

Women on the MoveNovember 26, 2012 Legal writing

I posted recently about speech patterns that undermine women’s professional authority.  This Wednesday, I’ll be speaking on a panel on communication skills for women attorneys.  The panel is part of the New York State Bar Association’s annual Women on the Move conference. (Love the name!) My panel is Communicating Effectively: Being Heard Loud and Clear. I’m excited that the organizers thought [...]

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Actually, we can speak with confidence and professionalism

Actually, we can speak with confidence and professionalismOctober 25, 2012 Spoken Word

I have like totally noticed professional women at all levels undermining their authority by (unintentionally) “up-talking,” that is, turning their statements into questions. In a recent post titled How to Kill Your Inner Valley Girl, the Careerist identifies this habit and other common ones that professional women should be aware of and avoid. The Careerist’s list comes [...]

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