Taking instructions way too literally

August 3, 2012

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We’ve had some fun with cake wrecks before, and it looks like it’s that time again. My son Levi’s 6th birthday is this weekend, so I couldn’t resist sharing this gem, via www.dailywritingtips.com.

I am all in favor of following instructions, but really? Sheri with an eye?!

The glass-is-half-full me finds it touching that the cake decorator was so fiercely committed to following customer instructions. The glass-is-half-empty me is troubled that a functioning human didn’t realize that with an eye referred to the spelling of the birthday girl’s name.

I suppose it’s always possible that the decorator just figured that Sheri looked something like this:

In any case, here’s hoping Levi’s cake comes out just as I ordered it:

Happy Birthday Levi, like the jeans.  

cyclops photo credit: www.worth1000.com

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