We don’t need no education!

July 9, 2012

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Oh my. I knew that schools no longer teach grammar and diagramming the way they did back in the day.

Now I’m thinking that’s for the best. Better to let kids pick it up on the streets than have them learn from the educators responsible for these doozies, as reported by Daily Writing Tips.


    I like what I see and hear on your part, however all of the notes I’ve researched have the words “DRAFT” included on the form. Why is this? I’m a U.S. Navy Paralegal and if I come off as though I know everything please don’t take it as if I know civilian Law. Because as you alread know Military Paralegal is not the same as Civilian Law. I dealt with Courts-Martials, Court Reporting, Legal Assistence and things of that nature. But my training was limited with Military Law and things that may not apply in the Civilian World. RICK

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