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Rupert Murdoch is offended by allegations of hacking

Rupert Murdoch is in hot water. The British public is calling for blood after revelations that his tabloid, News of the World, used illegal and unethical means — hacking a missing teen’s cell phone and paying cops for information — to obtain material for stories.

Rupert Murdoch is offended by allegations of hacking2012-01-09T23:56:11+00:00

Declaration of Independence: Beauty and brains

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are experiencing a painless reentry. And why not take some writing inspiration from the document whose signing we just celebrated? The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence has been called

Declaration of Independence: Beauty and brains2012-01-24T21:27:47+00:00

If the Oxford comma could speak…

Surely it would be invoking the famous Mark Twain line right about now: The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. Twitter was aflutter this week with rumors that the Oxford comma, aka the serial comma, has been abandoned by the very institution that gave it its name: Oxford University Press. Here

If the Oxford comma could speak…2012-01-24T21:37:02+00:00

Obama joins the Weiner roast

You probably heard that President Obama has gone on record suggesting that Anthony Weiner should resign. But you may not realize that in doing so, Obama inadvertently raised the possibility that it was Obama himself, not Weiner, who had tweeted inappropriate pictures of himself. Whaaaaat? Let me explain. As the Wall Street Journal reports, here

Obama joins the Weiner roast2012-01-24T21:54:05+00:00
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