Zuckerberg's Facebook profile picMark Zuckerberg has had a big week, what with the IPO and his surprise backyard wedding. In the midst of all the hooplah, he’s probably barely noticed that his writing style, as revealed in a leaked email, has been critiqued online. (Thanks to @GrammarGirl for tweeting about the now infamous email.) In the email, which he wrote back in 2005, he explains his plan to squeeze Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder of Facebook, out of the company. (The poor guy got royally shafted — his shares are worth only $5 billion.)

The email, first published on Business Insider, has come under fire for its sloppy writing style as well as its sleazy substance. To give you a sense of Zuckerberg’s creative approach to grammar, here’s my favorite mangled sentence (well, actually it’s not a complete sentence):

  • We also agreed that if the company bonusing us the amount we need for the shares, plus tax, is a good solution to the problem of us all being completely broke.

I definitely get the fun of making fun of MZ’s apparent inability to string together a sentence. (Bonus as a verb, you say? Why not? We’re talking about the man who turned friend into a verb.)

But I don’t find it as puzzling as the folks at International Business