Here’s a sampling of what clients have said about our editing work:

Dianne always makes herself available to quickly provide useful edits and invaluable feedback on writing assignments before I submit them to senior lawyers. Plus, there is no warmer and better person to encourage even the most insecure writer into becoming a master of the English language. I can’t thank her enough.
Associate, Top 10 law firm on Am Law A-List.

Having Dianne Rosky edit my material before it goes to a client, an agency, or a court assures me that I am sending out the best written material possible. Memos, letters, or emails revised by Dianne are tighter, clearer, and more persuasive because she understands the concept of writing; she helps me express my points as well as they can be expressed. And she helps me at all levels — document, paragraph, and sentence structure and word choice — so that my documents always say what I want them to, and all the elements of the document fit together. Also important to me is that Dianne always explains the reasons for the changes she makes, which helps me to improve.
Larry Carbone, Esq., Con Edison Law Department