Individual Instruction

One-on-one Coaching for Effective Communication
The ability to communicate can be the defining factor in career success. And individual coaching is the most effective and efficient way to clear any roadblocks that may be preventing an associate from thriving. With Rosky Legal Education, attorneys and business professionals get personalized instruction in crucial communication skills. Our coaches are not only experts in their fields; they understand the expectations of top firms and businesses. We offer individual coaching in legal writing, business writing, speaking and presentation skills, accent reduction, and ESL conversation and idiom. The key benefits of individual coaching flow to both the individual and the firm:

  • The individualized agenda addresses specific weaknesses and teaches associates to build on existing strengths.
  • Participants get honest feedback in a comfortable, positive environment.
  • Increased confidence in writing and speaking has a positive impact on other professional responsibilities.
  • Concrete strategies and exercises allow the individual to make progress between sessions and after the program ends.
  • Improved communication skills benefit both the individual and the firm.

Our coaching has made a difference in the careers of associates facing common challenges, including:

  • Otherwise promising associates whose writing is an impediment to advancement;
  • New associates who have trouble transitioning from writing as a law clerk to brief writing;
  • Highly regarded senior associates who are being considered for partner but whose writing is considered weaker than other skills;
  • Associates who have gaps in their knowledge of grammar;
  • International associates whose pronunciation is difficult for native English speakers to understand; and
  • International associates whose writing contains basic errors in grammar and usage.

After working individually with Rosky Legal Education, associates noticeably improve their communication skills, leading to greater professional success and retention. Focused, individual attention benefits both the associate and the firm, by increasing professionalism, credibility, and value to clients.