Individual Instruction

One-on-one Coaching for Effective Communication
The ability to communicate can be the defining factor in career success. And individual coaching is the most effective and efficient way to clear any roadblocks that may be preventing an associate from thriving. With Rosky Legal Education, attorneys and business professionals get personalized instruction in crucial communication skills. Our coaches are not only experts in their fields; they understand the expectations of top firms and businesses. We offer individual coaching in legal writing, business writing, speaking and presentation skills, accent reduction, and ESL conversation and idiom. The key benefits of individual coaching flow to both the individual and the firm:

  • The individualized agenda addresses specific weaknesses and teaches associates to build on existing strengths.
  • Participants get honest feedback in a comfortable, positive environment.
  • Increased confidence in writing and speaking has a positive impact on other professional responsibilities.
  • Concrete strategies and exercises allow the individual to make progress between sessions and after the program ends.
  • Improved communication skills benefit both the individual and the firm.

Our coaching has made a difference in the careers of associates facing common challenges, including:

  • Otherwise promising associates whose writing is an impediment to advancement;
  • New associates who have trouble transitioning from writing as a law clerk to brief writing;
  • Highly regarded senior associates who are being considered for partner but whose writing is considered weaker than other skills;
  • Associates who have gaps in their knowledge of grammar;
  • International associates whose pronunciation is difficult for native English speakers to understand; and
  • International associates whose writing contains basic errors in grammar and usage.

After working individually with Rosky Legal Education, associates noticeably improve their communication skills, leading to greater professional success and retention. Focused, individual attention benefits both the associate and the firm, by increasing professionalism, credibility, and value to clients.

Writing Instruction

Accent Reduction

Lead Instructor:Dianne Rosky

Dianne Rosky and her team provide individual writing instruction for lawyers and other professionals. We have coached attorneys at all levels, from new associates still adjusting to the challenges of drafting real-world legal documents to senior lawyers being considered for partnership.

We have helped hundreds of lawyers take their writing to the next level. After working with us, our clients are noticeably more confident and effective writers. And by improving their writing, our clients have achieved greater career recognition and success.

Our approach is flexible: We offer one-time sessions as well as ongoing instruction programs of three to ten sessions. In both formats, we provide detailed written critiques of writing samples. These individualized critiques are organized according to four levels: document organization, paragraph construction, sentence structure, and word choice.

Through this detailed feedback, writers learn specific, practical strategies for identifying and eliminating the weaknesses in their written work. After critiquing their own writing with an experienced attorney and legal-writing expert, lawyers are able to draft more forceful, effective legal documents.

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I strongly recommend taking the time to meet with Dianne. Reviewing my work product with her on a one-on-one basis has been invaluable.

Jamie Eichenger, Esq., Associate, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

In my seven years of practice, few have done more to forward my professional development than Dianne Rosky. In three one-hour sessions, Dianne provided me the tools, which are easy to apply, for becoming a persuasive writer. Using my previous writing samples as a starting point, Dianne helped me see where my writing could be stronger and more persuasive. She was patient, thoughtful, and created an enjoyable learning environment. In short, Dianne is an outstanding writing instructor.

Associate, Labor & Employment Department, Top 20 Law Firm, Am Law 100

Dianne always makes herself available to quickly provide useful edits and invaluable feedback on writing assignments before I submitted them to senior lawyers. Plus, there is no warmer and better person to encourage even the most insecure writer into becoming a master of the English language. I can’t thank her enough.

Associate, Top 10 Law Firm, American Lawyer's A-List

Having Dianne Rosky edit my material before it goes to a client, an agency, or a court assures me that I am sending out the best written material possible. Memos, letters, or emails revised by Dianne are tighter, clearer, and more persuasive because she understands the concept of writing; she helps me express my points as well as they can be expressed. And she helps me at all levels ? document, paragraph, and sentence structure and word choice ? so that my documents always say what I want them to, and all the elements of the document fit together. Also important to me is that Dianne always explains the reasons for the changes she makes, which helps me to improve.

Larry Carbone, Esq., Con Edison Law Department

Dianne is an excellent writing instructor, and her one-on-one sessions are invaluable.?After working with Dianne for only three months, I noticed a drastic improvement in my writing. More importantly, my colleagues noticed the improvement.?Dianne has helped me develop confidence in my writing, and has made writing enjoyable.?She is patient and knowledgeable, and she is willing to work through even basic writing weaknesses. She made our sessions fun and engaging, and made me feel comfortable to ask questions.

J.S., Junior associate, Am Law 100 firm, New York

Lead Instructor: Margret Surovell

Our individualized training programs are designed to reduce the speaker’s accent and improve his or her ability to speak American English. We target the specific sounds that undermine the speaker’s clarity, and teach the speaker to articulate those sounds more clearly. Through this focused approach, the speaker is able to achieve significant accent reduction, noticeably improving the ability to form the sounds of American speech.

Each program includes an initial recording, which serves as a diagnostic test, and a final recording that documents the speaker’s progress. Through vocal exercises, the speaker learns to articulate the specific sounds of American speech, as distinct from those of his or her native language. The speaker will also learn the importance of syllable stress and inflection, both of which contribute significantly to the clarity and intelligibility of spoken English.

Each speaker is provided with customized speech exercises to practice in between sessions and after the program is completed.

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As I foreign lawyer working in New York, it was very important to me to reduce my accent to get more confident speaking in English. Maggie identified my accent issues at the very beginning of the program, so I saw improvements almost immediately. After a few weeks I felt much more comfortable talking in English, and I also gained fluency. Maggie monitored my progress closely, and gave me constant feedback. Most important, she was available any time I reached out for support in between our sessions.

Victor Bonnin-Reynes, Visiting Foreign Attorney, Skadden Arps

Speech Coaching

ESL Conversation and Idiom

Instructor: Margret Surovell

Our individualized speech programs are designed improve the professional’s ability to speak with clarity and confidence. We target the speaker’s specific issues by addressing breathing, vocal tension, volume, and articulation. By incorporating specific strategies and breathing techniques into their speech, speakers learn to communicate ideas and arguments more clearly and forcefully.

Our efficient, one-on-one approach allows the speaker to quickly make noticeable improvements in the ability to connect with listeners and to communicate with confidence.

Each program includes an initial recording, which serves as a diagnostic test, and a final recording, which documents the speaker’s progress. During sessions, we work with examples of excellent speeches, the speaker’s own writing, and spontaneous speaking. Each speaker is provided with customized speech exercises for practice between sessions and after the program is completed.

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Instructor: Based on schedule

Confident, professional English speech is a crucial skill for international professionals working in U.S. law firms and corporations. Our ESL coaching programs are aimed at improving fluency and proficiency in conversation and spoken communication.

We provide coaching and instruction in American idioms, vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation. Through guided practice, non-native English speakers gain familiarity and comfort with American-style social interactions and conversational norms.