Writing Instruction

Lead Instructor: Dianne Rosky

Dianne Rosky and her team provide individual writing instruction for lawyers and other professionals. We have coached attorneys at all levels, from new associates still adjusting to the challenges of drafting real-world legal documents to senior lawyers being considered for partnership.

We have helped hundreds of lawyers take their writing to the next level. After working with us, our clients are noticeably more confident and effective writers. And by improving their writing, our clients have achieved greater career recognition and success.

Our approach is flexible: We offer one-time sessions as well as ongoing instruction programs of three to ten sessions. In both formats, we provide detailed written critiques of writing samples. These individualized critiques are organized according to four levels: document organization, paragraph construction, sentence structure, and word choice.

Through this detailed feedback, writers learn specific, practical strategies for identifying and eliminating the weaknesses in their written work. After critiquing their own writing with an experienced attorney and legal-writing expert, lawyers are able to draft more forceful, effective legal documents.

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