Writing for Women

Legal Writing for Women:
Show Confidence on Paper

For women lawyers, establishing credibility and authority is critical.  In this program, you’ll learn to convey these qualities in your legal writing.  Working with examples and exercises, we will
learn to eliminate common habits that unintentionally convey tentativeness and uncertainty, including:

  • Burying your main point
  • Reporting case holdings without analyzing them
  • Using passive voice, vague subjects, and qualifiers that dilute your position

You will take away concrete strategies for showing confidence and establishing credibility, including:

  • Frontloading conclusions in the introduction and throughout the document
  • Organizing your document to convey your big-picture understanding of the issues
  • Constructing sentences that make concrete, definitive points

The program is relevant to lawyers in all practice areas, and it can be customized for specific groups as well. The program can be offered in a one- or two-hour session.