The audacity of punctuation: Word nerds stopped by Obama slogan, ‘Forward.’

Forget the audacity of hope -- Obama's real audacity is grammatical. Obama has ruffled some feathers recently, but not exactly the same feathers he regularly ruffles. This time it's the word nerds, and even more specifically, the punctuation nerds, who are displeased with the President. The source of their displeasure? A period. That's right, a small dot no larger than the tip of your pen. More specifically, the period that follows his new one-word slogan, "FORWARD." According to a

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The generational split on infinitives

So, lawyers ask me pretty regularly what the deal is with split infinitives. The deal is this: splitting infinitives is perfectly acceptable according to every respected style authority. (Grammar Girl has a nice explanation of what a split infinitive is.) But (yes, there had to be a but) plenty of very, shall we say, senior attorneys and judges persist in condemning infinitive splitters as unsophisticated writers.

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Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to care about grammar

Mark Zuckerberg has had a big week, what with the IPO and his surprise backyard wedding. In the midst of all the hooplah, he's probably barely noticed that his writing style, as revealed in a leaked email, has been critiqued online. (Thanks to @GrammarGirl for tweeting about the now infamous email.) In the email, which he wrote back in 2005, he explains his plan to squeeze Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder of Facebook, out of the company. (The poor guy got royally shafted -- his shares are worth only $5 billion.) The email, first published on Business Insider, has come under fire for its sloppy writing style as well as its sleazy substance. To give you [...]

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