How do you spell Libyan dictator?

Apparently there are no wrong answers. This image from Wikipedia illustrates the many ways his name can be spelled in transliteration.   I love that the only thing everyone agrees on is that his first name starts with M and ends with r. (from Wikipedia via

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Why "blog"? No, those aren’t the dreaded gratuitous quotation marks.

And no, I don’t mean what can blogging do for you, emotionally, financially, existentially or otherwise. What I mean is: where does the word blog come from? As promised in yesterday’s Blog you and your momma, too post, here’s the etymology, according to the late, great William Safire: Blog is a shortening of Web log. That’s all, folks. Simple as pie. Safire explained it in a 2002 On Language column; the earliest usage Safire found was in 1999. What’s interesting is what the word’s origin says about how blogging has transformed since then. As Safire explained back in 2002: [A blog] is a Web site belonging to some average but opinionated Joe or Josie who [...]

Why "blog"? No, those aren’t the dreaded gratuitous quotation marks.2012-06-18T13:44:49+00:00

Blawg Review #302

Blawg Review is a weekly roundup of juicy posts from around the law blogosphere.

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