What do quarterback Tim Tebow and federal judge Robert Bork have in common?

Tebow Tebowing (image from www.andpop.com) It's been a while, but pls clarify is now officially back in action, and residing at the new and improved website for Rosky Legal Education. I've posted before on the verbification of nouns, especially techie nouns like blog. Imagine my surprise when I opened the NY Times this weekend and saw this heading on the front page: He

What do quarterback Tim Tebow and federal judge Robert Bork have in common?2012-01-24T21:24:10+00:00

Obama joins the Weiner roast

You probably heard that President Obama has gone on record suggesting that Anthony Weiner should resign. But you may not realize that in doing so, Obama inadvertently raised the possibility that it was Obama himself, not Weiner, who had tweeted inappropriate pictures of himself. Whaaaaat? Let me explain. As the Wall Street Journal reports, here

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The royal couple as you


A Tribute to Sidney Lumet, in Peeps

Sidney Lumet died this week after a long career as a director of intense movies like Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon. He

A Tribute to Sidney Lumet, in Peeps2012-02-20T00:31:11+00:00


Link: OMG, OED. LOL. OMG, I <3 the OED.

OMG, OED. LOL.2012-02-20T01:34:04+00:00


  Smile if you are old enough to remember Boy George and the Culture Club.

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