Obama joins the Weiner roast

You probably heard that President Obama has gone on record suggesting that Anthony Weiner should resign. But you may not realize that in doing so, Obama inadvertently raised the possibility that it was Obama himself, not Weiner, who had tweeted inappropriate pictures of himself. Whaaaaat? Let me explain. As the Wall Street Journal reports, here

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A Jewish curse for Passover

This Jewish curse is unrelated to writing and law, but I must share it: May your wife eat matzo in bed and may you roll in the crumbs. Of course it sounds even better in Yiddish, but still.

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How many words do Eskimos have for snow? Can we talk?

Recent weather conditions got me thinking about snow. So I did some digging into the common notion that Eskimos have (fill in the blank with an impressively large number) words for snow. I love factoids like these that show the connections between culture and language. But alas, this one has been thoroughly spanked, debunked, and discredited. And when I say thoroughly, I mean thoroughly. How thoroughly? Remember SNL’s Coffee Talk with Mike Myers as Linda Richman?

How many words do Eskimos have for snow? Can we talk?2012-06-18T18:13:33+00:00