International lawyers working in U.S. law firms face special writing challenges. They are held to the highest standards, but often need instruction on bridging the gap between their training and the real-world demands of practice in an American law office.

Based on our experience reviewing the written work product of international lawyers at top U.S. law firms, we have developed programs that target these lawyers’ most common writing mistakes and weaknesses.

Our international writing workshops are often customized to lawyers from a specific language background or working in a particular practice area. Our core workshop designed for international lawyers is described here:

Writing for International Lawyers: Legal English Without Legalese
Participants in this three-hour, interactive workshop learn specific strategies for improving their writing on four levels: document organization, paragraph cohesion, sentence structure, and word choice. These strategies are presented within a framework for understanding the cultural assumptions and expectations of U.S. legal readers. The workshop applies the principles of clear, effective writing to legal memoranda, letters, and emails. Participants receive practical handouts explaining mistakes frequently made by ESL writers and defining common English business expressions.

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