We offer writing workshops for litigators at all levels of seniority. Here’s a sampling of our litigation-focused writing programs:

Writing for Litigators: The Essentials of Effective Legal Writing
This three-hour interactive writing workshop is designed for junior litigation associates. Through customized examples and exercises, participants learn strategies for improving their writing on four levels: document organization, paragraph cohesion, sentence structure, and word choice. Writing for Litigators covers general principles of effective legal writing as well as strategies specific to brief writing. Participants learn to eliminate common weaknesses in memoranda, letters, and emails. In addition, participants learn brief-writing techniques such as drafting compelling preliminary statements, citing authority persuasively, structuring arguments affirmatively, and organizing facts effectively.

Writing for Litigators II: Strategies for Better Brief Writing
Participants in this three-hour, hands-on workshop learn strategies for writing strong, effective briefs and other persuasive documents. Participants learn to create a cohesive overall structure and draft focused preliminary statements. Participants also learn to create internal organization, construct more persuasive sentences, and avoid common brief-writing weaknesses.

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